OCED Claims NZ Does Not Recycle

Posted by PPRS on October 30, 2015

The Packaging Forum raises questions about the validity of a new OECD study “Environment at a Glance” which reports that New Zealand has 0% recycling and 100% waste to landfill.


Andrew Hewett, Chair of The Packaging Forum said:-


quotation mark.pngLast week I attended the annual Waste Minz conference which brings together all those involved in the waste industry across Local and Central government, the recycling industry and industry in general. This conference celebrated the progress made in waste diversion whilst of course acknowledging areas for improvement. To read this week that an OECD report claims that there is 0% recycling and composting in New Zealand and 100% of our municipal waste goes to landfill would be laughable if it was not so potentially damaging to our clean green image.”


“The report is further mystifying in that whilst it claims New Zealand has the poorest record on recycling it also finds that we have made the largest reduction in waste consumption per capita since 2000. Surely if we are doing well on one waste parameter Reduce it suggests the report writers might have checked that we are actually doing something about the Recycle component as well?”’


 “97% New Zealanders have access to kerbside or drop off recycling for their household waste provided by local councils. Voluntary product stewardship programmes such as those run by the Packaging Forum supplement this service. The Packaging Forum operates two voluntary schemes for glass and public place recycling which have received accreditation under the Waste Minimisation Act.”

“New Zealand’s Glass Recycling Rate is now 72.8% and matches the EU average for 28 countries. Four years ago ahead of the Rugby World Cup we took over the operational management of the Love NZ public place recycling programme and since then we have tripled public place recycling bins nationwide and have a target to triple them again by 2020. Since kick off at Eden Park in September 2011, around 12,000 tonnes of packaging has been diverted from landfill by PPR project partners. That’s enough bottles, cans and cartons to fill Twickenham Stadium to half way up the stands.”

“Last week we also introduced the first drop off recycling bins at participating New World, PakNSave, Countdown and The Warehouse stores in Auckland. This allows shoppers for the first time to recycle the wide range of soft plastic packaging which every household uses such as bread bags, frozen food bags, confectionery wrap, pasta and rice bags, toilet paper packaging, sanitary hygiene packaging and courier envelopes. The aim is for over 70% New Zealanders to have access to drop off facilities within a 20km radius of their home or workplace.”


“We support the Ministry for Environment in challenging this report which diminishes the efforts of councils, communities and companies to reduce waste and increase recycling across New Zealand.”


The OECD Report is available on (http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/environment/environment-at-a-glance-2015_9789264235199-en#page53




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