Recycle over Summer - 12 Steps

Posted by recycleyourpackaging on December 11, 2015


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Rest and Recycle this Summer - Love NZ and use the right bin

Lets try and keep New Zealand beaches and environment as rubbish free  as we possibly can

Over Christmas and during summer many of us are at the beach, enjoying entertainment or just relaxing with families and friends. New Zealanders generate an estimated 30% more waste over the summer holidays and in seaside areas it’s an additional 400% and most of it can be recycled if people put it into the recycling bin rather than the rubbish bin.

The amount of glass recycled actually doubles in January but sales of glass and cans go up 3 times over normal levels so let’s recycle it all.  If you are enjoying a take away pizza recycle these boxes too. And if you are in Auckland you can recycle all your soft plastic bags – that includes chip packets, confectionery and biscuit wrap; bread bags, frozen food, pasta and rice bags; toilet paper packaging and the plastic courier packs around your parcels this Christmas.

If you are out and about, there are over 2000 Love NZ recycling bins nationwide where you can recycle your cans, bottles and paper when you are away from home. If it can’t be recycled then put it in the rubbish bin for a litter free New Zealand. 

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12 Days to a Greener Summer

Day 1


Recycling collection times may be different so make a note of the new time.

We consume 3 times more bottles and cans over the holidays and in seaside areas it’s an additional 400%. 

Day 2


In most regions you can recycle

  • Paper, glass, metals (food tins, drink cans, jar lids, wine bottle screw tops)
  • Hard Plastics 1&2 (and in some places 1-7)

Day 3


Look for the Love NZ recycling bins in your area

There are now over 2000 Love NZ recycling bins. They are on high streets, shopping malls, airports and ferry terminals, BP’s Wild Bean Cafés, Rainbow’s End and the Skyline Luges.

Day 4


Recycle more packaging more often. New Zealanders consume over 700,000 tonnes of packaging every year but we recycle just over half of it.

Day 5


Reuse. Use a reusable shopping bag when you go out shopping and use a Keep Cup. Every year New Zealanders consume 284 million coffee cups.

Day 6


Do the Plastic Scrunch Test! A new drop off recycling programme has started in Auckland. 4.3 million plastic bags are thrown away every day from frozen food packaging, bread bags, toilet roll wrap etc. so Collect….Drop…Recycle

Day 7


Empty? Now I’m ready to be recycled …Remember you can recycle your pizza boxes as long as you empty them first. 26 million boxes a year are needlessly landfilled.

Day 8


Reuse or recycle your Christmas cards. Around 60 million Christmas cards are sent. Choose charity cards, cards with recycled content or email cards this year. Your paper collector will recycle your old Christmas cards.

Day 9


Be a recycling champion at events Many sports stadia and concert venues now have Love NZ recycling bins. Don’t drop your cans, bottles and boxes on the ground, pick them up and use the bins.

Day 10


Use the right bin– 60% of litter is packaging and most of it can be recycled and if it can’t put it in the waste bin.

Day 11


Separate your glass by colour in a glass bottle bank.  There are now glass bottle banks at camp sites, shopping malls and public places so put your brown, green and clear glass bottles in the right hole so it can easily be made into new glass bottles.  

Day 12


Make it your New Year’s Resolution to reduce, reuse and recycle even more in 2016.