Let’s Put Litter in its Place


We and Love NZ are partnering with Be a Tidy Kiwi to bring two iconic brands together in the first national and community awareness programme about litter since the 1980’s. 

We’ve received $1.7 million from the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund to help us on our way and to invest in Smart technology bins to minimise overflow and reduce collection costs. 

We plan the biggest and best litter and recycling campaign in 20 years and we’ve appointed Brandworld to help us do this.

We want to build a movement, a big bang, be disruptive, be DARING, be different, be so LOUD that people simply can’t ignore it. It’s about changing our streets back to how they used to be…

Campaign Launch

To give you some background to the campaign, look at our launch video with the Hon Scott Simpson, Associate Minister for the Environment at Meadowbank Primary School. 

Put Litter in its Place

Beach Clean Up 9 December

Come and help clean up the beach, win prizes and help get your piece of the coast ready for your holiday fun

Ever been at the beach to relax and find yourself looking at rubbish scattered all over the sand? 

The local council and the Packaging Forum have organised a community cleanup to Be a Tidy Kiwi and clean up our beaches and reserves!!


Because That's How We Do Things Around Here

TV and Social Media Campaign

We have launched a TV and social media campaign and build on this through the media channels of our members and Council partners.

A Snapshot of Litter in New Zealand

In 2015 we commissioned a National Litter Survey to measure litter. 

  • Around 60% of visible litter is packaging;
  • On average there are 19 items of visible packaging litter in a 1000m2 – that’s an area about the size of 4 tennis courts...
  • 96.5% of litter is small litter (broken glass, cigarette butts, chewing gum)
  • 87% of streets and public places are virtually litter free

Litter is made up of:

  • 13% snack food packaging
  • 11% fast food packaging
  • 6% non-alcoholic drinks
  • 5.5% alcoholic drinks
  • 19% other types of packaging
  • 44% non packaging – e.g. paper, tyres, nappies, odd socks etc...
The Litter Survey snapshot found that 87% streets and public places surveyed were virtually or mostly free of visible litter. This shows that councils and communities are doing a great job cleaning up.  The real issue is how we stop people littering.