Public Place Recycling

Recycling when you are away from home has got a lot easier with more and more recycling bins around New Zealand.  

You’ll spot our PPRS (Public Place Recycling Scheme) recycling bins, which promote the Love NZ brand in all the public places you like to hang out – the local parks, sports stadiums, and tourist areas - for your convenience for glass recycling, recycling plastic bottles and packaging recycling when you’re out and about.

We provide a comprehensive list of domestic and commercial recycling bins.

Our big vision is for an even cleaner, greener New Zealand - to reduce the amount of litter around the place by

tripling the number of PPRS recycling bins by 2020. And we have strategic partnerships to help make it happen.  

Visit the Public Place Recycling Website to find out more about packaging recycling when out and about and the selection and installation of your public recycle bin