Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme suspended over summer

The Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme has suspended collections for the soft plastic scheme from 31st December 2018, with plans to resume a sustainable service in April 2019.

We’ve been extremely encouraged by Kiwis’ commitment to recycling their soft plastics yet changes to global recycling have meant that we’re now collecting more than we can currently process in New Zealand. 

A suspension to the service will give us time to work with existing processing partners to build capacity, as well as find new and innovative processing solutions. The removal of single use carrier bags from all NZ supermarkets 1st January will also help reduce plastic volumes. 

Thank you for being such loyal supporters of soft plastic recycling. We hope you understand that we need to take short term action to ensure the long-term success of the scheme.

You can keep informed about what’s happening on our Facebook Page:



We’ve teamed up with Future Post to supply them with soft plastics which are blended with HDPE milk bottle plastic to create the plastic fence post

Designed by a fencer.  Built for a farmer.

Future Post New Zealand has developed a trademarked product and turn domestic and commercial plastic waste into premium fencing products that perform better, for longer. Designed, re-purposed and made in New Zealand.



And in the Lower North Island we’re supplying a small Levin company Second Life Plastics with soft plastic materials which 2LP is using to manufacture products such as ducting. 

Fibre Optic Cable (supplying the fast broadband roll out) which contains soft plastics.