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YES! Recycle plastic bags, find out about plastic wrap recycling, how to recycle grocery bags and how to recycle bubble wrap.

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  • compostable bags - these are bags made from material that can be composted
  • cling film

  • heavy foiled bags
  • bags contaminated with food and liquid or cannot be easily cleaned out

For example, dog biscuit bags that are actually backed with foil.  Biscuit bags look silver but this is painted on, not foil backed, so these can be recycled.


We know a lot of schools and tertiary education centres would like to be part of the Soft Plastics programme. We are working hard to expand the programme nationally and so we are focused at the moment on our partnerships with supermarkets and retailers.   You can get involved by recommending to your students that they drop off their soft plastic bags and packaging at their local store. You can find your local store on our  store locator.

  • Check out our Waste Game to test your recycling knowledge.
Where does the collected soft plastic end up?

We’ve partnered with Future Post ( to supply them with soft plastic materials which are blended with other plastics to manufacture plastic fence posts here in New Zealand.

And in the Lower North Island we’re supplying a small Levin company Second Life Plastics with soft plastic materials which 2LP is using to manufacture products such as ducting

Do I need to wash out my plastic packaging before recycling it?

Packaging returned for recycling via our drop off bins should be ‘empty, clean and dry’.  If you want to recycle bags and wrapping from foods give the bag a quick rinse, then turn it inside out to air dry overnight before popping it in with other collected plastic packaging.

Why isn’t the programme available in my area?

We are taking a phased approach to expansion to continually monitor the volumes we collect. 

We have announced plans to re-commence collections at selected stores in Wellington and the Hutt Valley from October.

At present there are no processors in South Island, so we are not planning to re-start collections there in the immediate future.

What can I recycle in the Love NZ recycling bins at my local participating store?

With our new processing partners we are taking a look at what items they can take as this is continually evolving.

We currently accept:

  • Bread, pasta & rice bags
  • Fresh produce bags and Netting citrus bags
  • Frozen food bags (frozen vegetable, fries, burgers, nuggets, poultry etc.) 
  • Dairy wrappers
  • Plastic packaging around toilet paper, kitchen towels, nappies and sanitary products
  • Courier packs
  • Newspaper wrap
  • Chocolate & muesli bar wrappers and Biscuit packets (wrapper only)
  • Confectionery wrap; chip packets with light foil
  • Cereal box liners
  • Bubble wrap and large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into pieces the size of an A3 sheet of paper first)
Plastic bag recycling near me - your nearest participating store?

You can find your nearest participating supermarket or store by using the Store Locator on our website.

Do I need to cut off the rigid plastic spout and lid from my squeeze pouch before I place it in the drop off bin?

No you can leave this on - just make sure empty, clean and dry

Can I take plastic bags from any brand and any retailer back to any of the participating stores?

Absolutely. We accept all forms of soft plastic packaging from all brands.

We encourage you to bring back the packaging from those brands that are helping fund this programme and to encourage other brands to participate to make sure this recycling service is successful. 

Can I recycle silver-lined chip packets via the programme?

Yes, the thin foil-like plastic sleeves and packets that some biscuits, chocolate bars, crackers and chips come in are fine to be recycled – as a rule of thumb we accept plastic that scrunches up and doesn’t bounce back. 

Can I recycle degradable, bio degradable or compostable bags via the programme?

NO, we can’t accept degradable, compostable, or bio degradable bags. Bags that are labelled degradable or compostable have been specifically manufactured to break down in the general waste stream. We can’t use them for recycling because they start to degrade before they are processed.

Can I recycle the plastic tray from my biscuit packet via the programme?

No, when it comes to biscuit packaging, it’s only the soft plastic wrapper that we can accept for recycling. The tray that the biscuits sit in is classified as rigid.

Check your Council’s kerbside collection information to see if they accept rigid plastic food containers.

Can I recycle my soft plastics with small paper labels left on?

Small paper labels can be left on. They don’t need to be cut off. If the label/paper covers the majority of the item, then it should be left out.

Can plastic bags be recycled?

Absolutely! drop off your plastic bags at your nearest participating store - see our store locator to find the one nearest you.  We can recycle grocery bags and plastic wrap into objects - see our product page for more information.  Please do!  Start soft plastic recycling today.

What is 'soft plastic'?

Soft plastic refers to grocery bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, plastic wrappers of products such as biscuits, chips, anything you buy that has a soft plastic sheath.

Soft plastic CAN be recycled.  Clean and gather your bags and wrappers and take them to  your nearest participating store.

Any soft plastic that can't be recycled?

Currently we can’t recycle:

- cling film

- compostable bags

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