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Soft Plastic Packaging

Plastic Bag Recycling 

For project sponsors,  we have agreed a 10% discounted rate for you to buy from Replas, the company who recycle the plastic bags into a range of products. There are a range of product specifications and designs and we include a sample below:


Recycled plastic bollards provide a robust solution to define your boundaries. They will never need painting and will look as good as the day they were installed for many years to come.

  • 100mm*1500mm
  • Colour: black, grey, blue, green, brown
  • Weight: 7.2kg equivalent to 1800 plastic bags
  • Price per single unit: from $38.97 (black)

Easy installation: Replas bollards are lightweight and easy to install. Holes in the base allow the sub-surface to securely bind to the bollard creating a stable and permanent installation.


Replas manufactures a broad range of quality outdoor furniture. Made from durable recycled plastic, they are virtually maintenance free.

With ergonomic smooth curved back

  • Kimberley – Length 1.8 metres
  • Colour: Brown, Green, Blue, Grey. All supports are black.
  • Weight: 65kg equivalent to 16,250 plastic bags
  • Price: $684

Traffic Control

Recycled plastic Wheelstops are perfect for car parks and suitable for bitumen or concrete. Wheelstops can be securely fastened to a driveway surface, and can be engraved with any message or symbol.

  • 135mm * 100mm * 1650mm
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Grey, Yellow
  • Weight: 13kg equivalent to 3250 plastic bags
  • Unit price: from $58.23

Garden Products: Tree Guard

Recycled plastic panels connect to 100mm bollards to create a sturdy barrier to protect your trees. The panels are lightweight and may be fixed either vertically or horizontally.

Tree guard Kit

  • 4 * Panels & 4 * 100 mm posts
  • Colour: black, green
  • Weight: 58.8kg equivalent to 14,700 bags
  • Price: $411